Understanding your tenants’ needs and engaging with them regularly is an important part of keeping them satisfied and keeping your building leased. This also means providing the kind of amenities your industrial tenants want and ensuring they are able to remain productive and profitable.

Many of the amenities that tenants considered luxuries just a decade ago, are standard today so property owners need to become more innovative in their approach to attracting and keeping tenants. Today’s business owners want more than ample parking and an outside break area, they want what many of the modern office buildings have and so do their employees.

Let’s take a look at 5 things that industrial tenants want in their facilities and see if your property is meeting those needs.

5 Things Industrial Tenants Want in their Facilities

1. Better Functionality. Taking into consideration the needs of typical industrial tenants, you could make your building more functional by adding additional bay doors, increased ceiling height and better delivery truck entrance and exit areas. All of these can make your tenants more productive and efficient. Many property owners are contacting delivery companies to have a UPS/FedEx logistics hub installed nearby as well.

2. Café. Whether it is a full-service coffee bar or a simple lunch section, a growing trend is upgrading the kitchen / breakroom area. Even industrial complexes welcome this trend as it ensures their employees have a place to grab lunch without having to leave the area. Larger properties may consider leasing small areas to café owners or sectioning off an area for lunch trucks.

3. Bring Nature In.  This is a trend that is important to many employees throughout the country who are feeling burned out by working long hours and looking at the same industrial workspace all day. A small courtyard or planters in an outdoor lunch area can give employees a much more scenic and natural view. It also enables them to step outside for a quick break and breath of fresh air from time to time.

4. Event or Meeting Space. Even industrial-related businesses need to meet with clients from time to time and having an on-site meeting or event area provides just that. It should be an area that will impress clients and give them the ability to see the warehouse space, factory floor, production area or any of the other uses your industrial building might provide.

5. Flexible Space. During high volume periods, many companies might require additional storage space and making that space available to them not only earns you extra profits, but it makes for much happier tenants.

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