The industrial market is always growing and is remarkably resistant towards market swings. In fact, this segment of the property market is becoming one of the top investment opportunities for investors all over the world.

Why Industrial Property?

With many other strong investments available, why is the industrial property market so important? Besides adding exposure to your brand and increasing the value of your portfolio, let’s take a look at some more reasons to invest in industrial properties.

6 Reasons to Invest in Industrial Properties

1. Price and Availability. While prices for industrial real estate are stable, competitively priced properties available in most areas of the country are available.

2. Strong Income Returns. While other property types like retail and office can come with some costly face-lifts every decade, industrial property has many cost factors that others don’t. Requiring less maintenance and infrastructure improvements over time.

3. Better Liquidity. When you are ready to sell, industrial properties offer investors better liquidity and a much faster sale due to the high amount of investors looking for these properties.

4. Lower Vacancy Costs. With a retail property, when a tenant moves out, the costs associated with finding a new tenant and paying the heating bills, insurance, property taxes and maintenance can be high. Industrial property vacancies cost much less to maintain when empty and they tend to re-lease quickly.

5. Lower Risk of Oversupply. Even when the market is down, industrial building are typically in demand. If the market remains down, industrial developments can be modified for a wide range of other uses.

6. Simplicity. Industrial buildings are simple and straightforward. You have a large open space, some offices, a parking area and delivery bays. They are usually used for production or warehousing and there are far fewer factors involved with industrial spaces when compared to other forms of commercial properties.

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